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Final update starting problem 79B...really fixed!!

Subject: Final update starting problem 79B...really fixed!!
Date: Tue, 3 Aug 1999 22:23:15 EDT
Hi Gang!!!

You may remember late last week I was having a problem with my car not 
starting.  I had replaced my battery, then found a bare wire (no insulation) 
on the wires going to the alternator.  I thought I had the problem fixed.

The next day, I jumped into the B, and no start.  So I surmised I needed a 
starter.  Went down th the auto parts store (they got a rebult starter for me 
same day) and got that put in.  It was still not starting unless hooked up to 
my battery charger/jump box.

I finally determined that it had to be a severe current draw on the battery, 
and checked all the wires I could think of...still no solution.  Today, I bit 
the bullet and bought a rebuilt alternator....and shazam!!!!   the problem is 
truly fixed!!!

BTW, the old alternator never gave me a warning sign, just went bad, and the 
guy at the parts store I deal with here in town said that he keeps them on 
the shelf because they tend to go bad every 3 years or so.   I happened to 
put in the "old" one 3 years ago.  

At least the new one has a lifetime guarantee...I won't have to pay for any 

Nels Ferre
Lake Mary, FL
79 MGB

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