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RE: what *is* max overbore for an MGA1500?

To: "'Simon Matthews'" <>,
Subject: RE: what *is* max overbore for an MGA1500?
From: "Unger, Larry G" <>
Date: Tue, 03 Aug 1999 23:03:29 -0400
Simon Matthews wrote:

> According to the manual, .040 is the max overbore. Yet
> Moss sells +.060 pistons. So what is the max overbore?

Yep ... manual indicates +.040, but overboring to +.060
is quite common and certainly shouldn't be an issue.

FYI ... read the technical article (MGA 3) on Doug's Web
Site ( ... you can overbore to 'bout
3.070" providing you can maintain at least .100" cylinder
wall thinkness ... with Doug's pistons this would give you
1698cc.  Another alternative is to fit 1622/1798 3-main rods
in conjunction with +.060 1622 pistons (3.06") ... giving
you 1688cc.  Yep 1588cc fans ... this also applies to you

Hope this helps ... 
Safety Fast! ...
'61 MGA 1600 MkII

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