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Seat covers?

Subject: Seat covers?
From: "John A. Walker" <>
Date: Wed, 04 Aug 1999 15:10:18 -0700
Question 1:
Does anybody know if the 'standard' seat covers that I can buy
at my local auto parts store (like Pep Boys) will fit on the stock seats
in my '74 B?  or if I want them am I stuck buying them from some place like
Moss or VB?

Question 2:
I have a situation where one of the wires in the main wire bundle under the
appears to have been pulled off it's copper connector by the DPO (supposed
to be in one of those 
big white connector blocks).  What is the best way to permanently reconnect
the wire
to the connector block.  
To clarify the wire pulled out of the copper connector and the copper
is still in the big white plastic connector where it should be.

Can I order new copper connectors that I can crimp on the end of the wire
and then push into the
white plastic block in place of the old one??  If so, what am I looking for?

Any ideas.


        John Walker
~= Early 1974 MGB =~
       In Progress :)

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