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Re: I'm going to buy this MGB!

Subject: Re: I'm going to buy this MGB!
From: "steven groddy" <>
Date: Wed, 04 Aug 1999 20:01:41 PDT
Hi Tom,

It's me again

Sounds like you have found an interesting car!!

Going by your narrative it sounds like a keeper....HOWEVER the rust 
situation is what would concern me a's expensive to repair well and 
once you open things up you usually find more than you originally thought. 
But as you say it is fixable.

I guess if I were in your shoes I would start at $4000 and go up to$4500.

If you buy it go ahead and enjoy driving the car for a season or two before 
you have the body work done.

Good Luck and keep me posted


>Subject: I'm going to buy this MGB!
>Date: Tue, 3 Aug 1999 23:22:13 EDT
>Unless you think I shouldn't...
>Several of you seemed to enjoy my last posting about certain MGB's I've
>contemplated buying, so I thought I'd tell you about the latest, and I'm
>going to put an offer in for this one boys...
>The stats: 1979 MGB. Carmine Red, Autumn Leaf interior. 79k miles, non O/D,
>new top, new alternator, water pump. Front suspension rebuilt @ 75k miles.
>Second owner car; woman has owned car since 1984. Selling b/c boyfriend
>bought her a new BMW 328i convertible. He can't fit in the B; his daily
>driver is a 911 Carrera.
>Body: Overall, very good. Original paint holding up well. No dents or dings
>except for a small dent in trunk (can't figure out how it got there). Car 
>backed into front passenger 1/4 panel; shop did a good job fixing it up and
>matching paint. Rubber bumpers in fine shape. I can tell this car has 
>been garaged. Still, car has lived for 20 years off the coast of Long 
>Sound, so there is some rust. Bottom of front fender, rear of the wheel 
>my magnet would not hold in some places, but I could not find any Bondo. 
>sills were fine. Anothe rust spot at the very top of rear driver's side 
>well. In both cases, it's just bubbling. On passengers door, there is rust
>around the mirror that is visible, but it's small.
>I was told she had her mechanic put the car on a lift, and there is no 
>rust. I did ask what it would cost to fix all the rust, and she said 
>Bear in mind I was in the most expensive part of the CT Gold coast except 
>Greenwich. All the same, I could drive the car for a while and not worry
>about this it seems.
>Interior: Original-seats and door skins faded. No cracks in dash. No
>tears/rips in seats. No carpet on floor; just covered up with heavy rubber
>mats ( a perfect fit too). Otherwise, carpet elsewhere was OK. No rust at 
>on floor boards. All original, even the radio. Everything works. Visors 
>missing. Seat cushions in remarkably good shape.
>Driving: A dumb word, but, it was awesome. Totally flawless. I was given 
>YEARS of receipts to pour over, car has been serviced by same guy since 
>Place is called Expert Auto Service in Stamford, CT-if you know about this
>place, please tell me. Car was started three times while I was there, and 
>fired first time, each time. I was lucky to have a near 30 minute test 
>and it did nothing wrong. Clutch/tranny were absolutely silent, as were the
>brakes. Engine sounded great; cat converter has been removed, and had Weber
>carbs. Never hesitated, smoked, surged, idle was dead steady, car shifted
>nearly as well as a Miata (except for reverse). Plenty of pep, and handled
>well. Very, very solid-this '79 MGB was more solid than my '86 Alfa Spider 
>terms of cowl shake and vibration. I had this car in some nice twisties, 
>she was more than willing to play. I can't say enough good things about how
>this car felt on the road.
>Obviously, rust is the main problem with this car, but like I said, it is
>fixable, and is not too too bad. Owner told me herself if she was hanging 
>to the car she'd take care of the rust eventually. The car felt quite safe 
>the road. Listers, this is where I really need your input.
>Mechanically, owner spared no expense, and I have the proof in writing. I 
>calling the mechanic to talk about the car tomarrow. She is asking $5,500,
>which is a little high. I want to offer $4,800. My gut says to go for 
>car was really well looked after, and well cared for.
>I'd welcome your opinions guys, so feel free to let loose. No oppositions,
>I'm buying her!
>'79 MGB?

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