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Front end MGA problems

To: <>
Subject: Front end MGA problems
From: "Dean Crowley" <>
Date: Fri, 6 Aug 1999 21:09:30 -0500
I have a shimmy in the front end. If you jack the car up and grab the tires
at the north south you get some movement
If you grab it at the east west you get some also. The east west seem to be
a gap up in the inner ball joint.
the north south seems to be maybe a problem with worn hubs.  new tie rods,
new but rotted a arm bushings but I don't think they are the problem. they
are not that worn. I really don't want to take the boots off and mess with
the inner ball joint in the other end of the rack. How do you measure any
needed gap? How do you determine the amount of shims etc...The other and
last problem seems to be the wheels themselves. I put a framing square up
against the tire and spin it and note it leaves and then rubs, leaves and
then rubs the framing square as the tire is rotated.....
how much of a gap or out of round can you tolerate....?

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