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Proud MGB Owner

Subject: Proud MGB Owner
From: Radar <>
Date: Sat, 07 Aug 1999 00:24:26 -0400
Well after 30 years of waiting I can finally say I am the proud owner of a
1970 Red MGB.  I fell in love with MG's back in the 70's but since my
father was a V.P. with Chrysler, we only drove their products.  As I 
grew up and graduated college and started working for them myself well I
couldn't pass up the great deals we were offered and kept driving them.  NO
MORE!  For my 40th birthday my beautiful wife bought me the one
toy that I have always wanted!  I got it last Friday morning after a
extensive three month search and driving more dogged out MG's than I care
to mention...  Well when I drove up to this guys house and saw this one
I knew it was a man that thought like I did and he had put alot of work and
$$$ into it for me already.  He was asking 4200 for it but I got him to
sell it to me for 3500.  I picked it up early that am and drove it down to
Buckhead to a mechanic here that I would highly recommend to anyone upon
request.  After he gave it a two hour or so go over I knew this machine
would never anyone's but mine ever again!   Everything checked out and I
went out on the road and blew out 800+ miles on it this week... breaking it
in :)

For those of you that have owned one of these cars for a long time my hats
off to you.  It is truly a special breed of automobile.  I am looking for
any information on the MG Clubs in the Atlanta area.  If you have any
please forward it to me.

Another VERY PROUD MGB Owner

Charlie Holloway
1970 MGB

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