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map light...conclusion, 77B

To: MG list <>
Subject: map light...conclusion, 77B
From: Tom McLaughlin <>
Date: Mon, 9 Aug 1999 09:46:21 -0700 (PDT)
Thanks for all the responses on the map light.  It is (was) one of the
two remaining items in the cockpit that did not work.

I popped it out and it had already been fixed/hacked by a PO.  I just
had to bend the piece of metal to make contact when the light was
pushed to either side and presto, I can turn the light on without any

Now, why doesn't it work in the other position when I open the doors. 
I unscrewed the switches at the doors, cleaned up the contacts and
presto, everything works. works as it is supposed to. I'll probably have to replace the
light (as you said Eric) at some point as the innards of the light are
in pretty sad shape and hacked together several times, but it works for

As for the last remaining non-functioning item, the lighter, it does
actually work.  If I hold it in, it will get hot, but the mechanism to
hold the lighter in until it gets hot and the pop it out doesn't work. 
It looks pretty rusty in there.  I'll pull out the casing for the
lighter this week and see if I can clean it up.  If not, I guess I'll
have to replace it.  I don't even smoke...I just want it to work.


PS  The B is now gobbling up more miles than my 300ZX.  It sits at home
in the garage more often than not these days.

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