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I bought my first MG!

Subject: I bought my first MG!
Date: Mon, 9 Aug 1999 23:14:09 EDT

To start, I want to thank all of you who gave me such great insight and 
advice during my "Shopping experience." Although in early June I set out to 
buy an MGB, I fell in love with a Midget instead, and tonight, I bought her. 
I pick it up tomarrow.

She's a british racing green '78 with black top & interior and Rostyle 
wheels. Car is rust-free, interior is immaculate, paint in original, but 
overall excellent shape. Only 69k miles, engine bay clean, but did not appear 
to have been cleaned per se. Car has Weber carbs, but everything else appears 
to be bone stock; even the original radio works.

The car sat for over three months on a car showroom floor. Battery was dead, 
but after a jump she started on the first turn with nothing more dramatic 
than a small poof of smoke, then nothing. Car idled very steadily, and drove 
well. No shaking, sputtering, hesitating, nothing. Shifted very easily too. 
The brakes were Ok, not great, but they stopped the car. I'm still not used 
to no power brakes.

The driver's mirror had been knocked off-will some Crazy Glue fix this? I'm 
guessing I should have the mirror replaced-I'll do it myself since the base 
is fine, if possible. The car needs to be inspected, so I need the following 
fixed right off the bat:

Hazard lights do not work.
Windshield wipers don't work, and the stalk is broken.

That's it, but I may want some new tires, just so we start out fresh. I'm 
also thinking about a new battery. Jury is still out on that one. Oh yes, the 
map/interior light doesn't work. 

I paid $3,000, which I think is a good deal. A Midget of the same vintage and 
same shape is selling for double the price a few towns away. But, beyond 
that, I am really very happy about my purchase, and cannot wait to start 
driving her.

Thanks again for your help!

'78 Midget

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