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TC Carb. Questions

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Subject: TC Carb. Questions
From: "Dave Ahrendt" <>
Date: Wed, 11 Aug 1999 07:10:57 -0400
Hi all,

Question on carb. on my '46 TC.

Car has been running fine for the past few years but since earlier
this year has increasingly seemed to be harder to cold
start.  Seemed to run OK once started.

Anyways, last night I decided to take a look (finally have some sub
90 degree weather).  Decided to check the carb adjustment by doing
the lift pin test.  The front carb. appears to react as expected - slight
increase in RPM followed by steady.  If the piston is moved up more than 1"
RPM drops off and car almost stalls.  The front carb. seems to be not
playing at all.  I can lift the piston to the top with little or no effect
on RPM.
The smoke from the exhaust (blackish) would lead me to think the car is
running very rich.  Both pistons are free and drop with a nice click.
I pulled the float bowl tops and both floats look at about the same height.

I didn't have time to measure the float arm - grose jets installed. I also
out of time to check sync. but the pistons rise and drop together so at
the throttle plate is opening on the rear carb.

I pulled the rear dashpot and piston completely and the car seems
to run "reasonably" at idle - didn't try to drive it.

Plugs are dry and black - again rich but with only 1 carb?

Any ideas?  What would have changed? Thanks...


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