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Re: Speedometer

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Subject: Re: Speedometer
From: "Mark the Shark" <>
Date: Wed, 11 Aug 1999 08:55:50 -0400
Thanks for the info Eric.  I do have a 1280 series which was working fine
before I did the O/D conversion, now it seems to be registering at least a
15mph difference?

Mark Ascherl
1972 Red MGB

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> Mark,
> The correct speedometer for the correct o/d (black label) is the 1280
>  Look for the 4 digit number below the 120 mph mark.  And for your
> post, the LE wheels should be painted a dark charcoal, not black.  Prime
> wheels before you paint them as the paint will not stick to the aluminum,
> least not very long.
> Eric Swanger
> So many cars, so little time....

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