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Subject: Re: Hard top
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Date: Wed, 11 Aug 1999 21:21:19 -0500
I have on that I will sell you. It has fairly new seals that are very
expensive. I think I paid over 75 dollars for the ones around the edge and
another 50 or so for the seals around the windows. It is a snug top.
Fiberglass with a black vinyl of some kind on the outside. A white jel coat
on the inside. It has glass side and rear windows and is in very good
condition. It connects at the front and on the sides and has all the
hardware. I am planning on selling the car soon and thought I would sell the
hard top separate. I would like 2000 for the car if anyone is interested.
1975 .Su carbs little rust. Great daily driver. Wichita, Ks.
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Subject: Hard top

> I am in the market for a hardtop for my '74B.
> Living in Washington state almost makes it
> necessary.
> (Add I think since Ray got such a good deal on
> his new B that he should give me his, but that is not likely)  :)
> So, first of all can any anybody tell me what I should expect to pay
> for a used hard top in reasonable condition?
> Do any of the parts suppliers (Moss, VB, etc) still sell new ones?
> Do any of you have one you would be will to sell for a reasonable price?
> TIA.
> -JW
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