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Re: My first LBC

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Subject: Re: My first LBC
From: Max Heim <>
Date: Thu, 12 Aug 1999 14:40:56 -0700
Congrats! Sounds like a good catch.

The radio drain may be due to the fact that the modern radio is tapping 
power to keep its memory alive even when switched off. This keeps the 
station presets and CD programs in memory. If you can live without the 
station presets you could rewire the radio to the ignition-on power 
rather than the always-on power. This how my radio is wired -- since it's 
a pull-out it loses its memory anyway.

Buy a good manual and trace the OD wiring yourself -- the circuit is very 
simple so why spend the money on them? Use it to buy a good cover. Since 
the OD went out about the time they installed the radio, I suspect they 
either spliced into its hot wire (it's fairly fussy about resistance in 
the circuit) or just knocked something loose.

The JC Whitney catalog has 4 or 5 grades of cover. The covers differ in 
weight and toughness, bulk, softness (not to scratch the paint), water 
resistance, UV resistance, breathability and price. You definitely need a 
custom-fit one for a B since it is not at all the shape of a generic 
compact. You didn't say where you lived, OH or GA? Either way, you 
probably want the best one you can afford. Whitney basically has the same 
brands as the fancy ads in the magazines, so it's a good source. Moss 
carries covers as well.

Good luck with your new prize!

Erich had this to say:

>Helo all, 
> I subscribed to the list about a week ago and have found it quite 
>helpfull.  I reciently aquired an Brooklands Green 1980 MGB from my 
>younger brother. ...
>There were two problems which needd to be taken care of right away.
>First, the radiator had developed a small leak and needed to be rebuilt. 
>Second, a power drain had developed after my brother replaced the stock 
>radio with a CD head unit, 200 watt amp, and 10"bazooka tube sub 
>woffer(the Overdrive had gone out at the same time).
> I have had the radiator problem fixed, and the electrical system gone 
>through.  No drain was found, that is until the radio was connected.  With 
>the radio in, there is enough drain to kill the battery overnight. The 
>solution thus far has been for me to go w/o a raido, but I would like to 
>install a stock unit. Has anyone run in to a problem like this? Maybe it 
>is a problem with that individual head unit. The overdrive still is not 
>working.  The British car shop said that it was in the wiring, and 
>estimated about $200 to fix it. 
> Other than these problems. the car seems to be running fine. I have 
>driven it almost 1,000 miles since I picked it up on the 22nd of July.
>The car was only run three pf four times in the past year (due to the 
>electrical drain) and thus far I have changed the oil and greased the 
>kingpins. Is there anything else I should look for since it hadn't been 
>driven much the last year?
> One thing of note is that I do not have a garage, and so it will remain 
>outside in all weather. It is my daily driver, but I would like to get a 
>good cover for it. Any suggestions on types?
> Erich Bruning
>  '69 Norton Commando 750 'S'
>  '80 MGB


Max Heim
'66 MGB GHN3L76149
If you're near Mountain View, CA,
it's the red one with the silver bootlid.

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