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ignition wiring, radios, and emissions

Subject: ignition wiring, radios, and emissions
From: cookie <>
Date: Tue, 28 Dec 1999 13:38:37 -0700
an update so far
i have the old 79 b up and running..... sort of
I still need to get it to pass emissions.
Does anyone have certain tips and tricks other than to make sure
everything works right, and is properly tuned?
I am in AZ, and so I need to pass visual inspection.
To this end I have obtained the $70 Napa rebuilt air pump (Moss has it
for $250!?)
I also am replacing the holy exhaust from the converter back.
The last test i failed showed me high in CO, so if you know any tricks
for that, TIA.
As soon as the parts come, I will inform of my progress.
Onto my current dilemma.
I have just installed a new cd player and new speakers.
Got it all in, patched the memory preset to the headlight circuit
(already home-repaired with a $1 toggle)
Everything else used the same wires as before.
turn the key so just the accessories come on, and the radio works.
pop Bjork into the cd receiver, and I hear Army of Me on the new
speakers. Beautiful.
Clean out all the stuff left over from wire splicing and connecting, and
put it all together.
Turn the key to go take a drive, and smoke comes out from under the
steering column cover.
Take that apart, and one of the wires now fries even if i just turn the
accessories on.
It appears to be one of 3 white wires, none of which are mentioned in my
the other wire is brown, and the other white with pink
(to the fellow who asked, the purple/pink wire should attach to the side
of the ignition/steering wheel lock facing the driver)
I cut the splice to the headlight cicuit, and still get smoke.
I replace with a reproduction wiring harness, and it gets hot so I
promptly turn the key (thanks to the gentleman at the MG Shop for
instructing me on the proper method of doing this)
Does anyone have any idea why this is happening, what to check, how to
check, and how to fix?
thanks for any help you give.
i look forward to your replies and my parts!
Mike Jose
and Lucas ('79 mgb)

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