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To: <>
Subject: Spam
From: "Lawrie Alexander" <>
Date: Fri, 13 Aug 1999 20:42:36 -0700
Gee, guys, once again you've managed to prove (not that it was really
necessary) that I'm a computer illiterate!

Thanks for all the responses saying that the spam I'm getting isn't coming
via this list. I guess I'll have to look at the addresses more carefully.
What I do know is that my e-mail is filtered into two boxes - one for
anything with britcars (my web address) in the address (and I very seldom
receive spam there), one for everything else - which is the mg-t and the mgs
list. So, I dunno where the spam is getting in, but  it is - and it
displeases me greatly! If any of you computer gurus would care to mail me
privately as to how I might screen more of this stuff out, I'd be very


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