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Re: 1965 MG ad

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Subject: Re: 1965 MG ad
From: "Paul Hunt" <>
Date: Sat, 14 Aug 1999 16:49:03 +0100
They look like the clear yellow lacquer that I used to use when we first
started holidaying in France (in 'cooking' cars).  When the French started
being less fussy about yellow headlights I changed to using the Lucas sticky
bits that just cut out the left-hand diipped beam (i.e. in the face of of
oncoming drivers).  When preparing for taking the roadster across a couple
of years ago I managed to get hold of a pair of period yellow plastic beam
deflectors that clip under the chrome surrounds with elastic straps.

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Date: 14 August 1999 01:47
Subject: Re: 1965 MG ad

>Word on the street is that don said:
>> Hello Listers:
>> Here is a magazine ad featuring the '65 MG line:
>Those yellow headlamps are fab.
>I swear I've seen that picture somewhere else... MG by McComb maybe?
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