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To: MG list <>
Subject: brakeservofilter
From: Jouke Bloem <>
Date: Sun, 15 Aug 1999 19:07:14 +0200
Hello list,

Something I wanted to share with you. As you might know i am new to the
MG world with my C GT.

Tonight I read this on the internet
( and thought that could be
one of my problems too.

Servo (where fitted) late in operation

1. blocked filter

1.Clean or replace filter.

I went outside and removed the filters from both brake servo's. After
that the test-drive was a great experience. The brake pedal feels a LOT
better and the servo's work as soon as i hit the brakes. It makes
driving much more secure and i am able to make better use of the
available stopping power.

Owning an MG can be so satisfying at times :-)

Greetings Jouke
1969 MGC GT

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