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Re: Over-revving and Gearing.

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Subject: Re: Over-revving and Gearing.
From: "Paul Hunt" <>
Date: Sun, 15 Aug 1999 16:31:26 +0100
Interesting corollary on the F1 program yesterday and today.  Martin Brundle
was demonstrating the relative results of three starting techniques -
"Granny at the supermarket", "Control Freak" and "Boy Racer".  Granny starts
off with minimum revs, gets the clutch out as soon as possible, then
accelerates away.  Control Freak selects 10k rpm, drops the clutch, gets
some wheelspin, balances it on the throttle till the tyres dig in.  Boy
Racer gets it on the limiter, drops the clutch and lights up the tyres for a
couple of hundred yards.  Who gets to the corner first?  Granny.  The reason
why the drivers don't employ this technique is that the risks of stalling
are too high.


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Date: 14 August 1999 18:54
Subject: Over-revving and Gearing.

>... When
>I point out to them that if they shift lower down, they will hit the torque
>peak in the next gear, actually have faster acceleration times, and wear
>stress the engine less, it usually falls on deaf ears. I guess revving it
>high just sounds so good to them.

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