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Re: Coil Question

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Subject: Re: Coil Question
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Date: Tue, 17 Aug 1999 18:48:05 -0700

Do I understand you correctly? Are you saying ALL coils either have a
ballast resistor in them or use an external ballast resistor?

That would be the first time I've heard that and, I'll admit, I'm somewhat
skeptical. I've always understood a 12 volt non-ballasted coil takes 12
volts to make a spark. A ballasted coil requires only 8 volts. Are you
saying all 12 volt coils have an internal ballast that reduces their current

Mr. Cederstrand, if you are reading this, would you care to comment?

British Sportscar Center

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From: Peter C. <>
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Date: Tuesday, August 17, 1999 7:44 AM
Subject: Re: Coil Question

>Be careful how you read their instructions. Catalog writers,both Bosch and
>Lucas, use imprecise language at best. Coils either HAVE a ballast resistor
>in them, or require an external resistor. The language of "... X car
>requires a coil with a ballast resistor" usually means that that a coil
>that _contains_ a ballast resistor is needed. This is true of the MGA and B
>where the wiring schematic does not show an external ballast resistor in
>the vehicle's loom.
> Been around the block onthis one many times.
> Peter C
>At 11:15 PM 8/16/1999 , Neil Cotty wrote:
>>Hi all,
>>Getting my new Bosch dist. tomorrow so I decided to replace the one I took
>>from my MGB which is 29yrs old with a Sport coil type. Bosch have just
>>re-released their GT40 in the round style so I won't have to go drillin'
>>holes in the A to fit their new funky shaped one.
>>The Bosch catalog says the MGA requires a coil WITH a ballast resistor.
>>Surely this isn't right. The one I took off my A was a Lucas HA12, and the
>>one off the MGB (70) didn't use a Ballast resistor either. Can someone
>>clarify that for me that I need one WITHOUT a ballast resistor. I'm 99%
>>I'm right, just don't want to order till I'm 100%..! <G> :)

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