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RE: 77-80 mgb o/d question

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Subject: RE: 77-80 mgb o/d question
From: Peter Zaborski <>
Date: Wed, 18 Aug 1999 10:33:15 -0600
I would like to say thanks to those MG listers who replied to my question
about the reliability of the switch and wiring setup for the later MG
models' O/D switching mechanism (the one in the shift knob). Based on the
replies I received from a number of you, it seems the switch and wiring are
indeed reliable and I should not let that prevent me from converting my TR6
to use this setup.

Thanks and good day to all!

--- Peter Zaborski ---

> From: Peter Zaborski 
> Sent: Monday, August 16, 1999 5:49 PM
> Hello MG listers,
> Perhaps you can answer a question from a TR6 owner (yes I 
> admit it, I own one of these old, heavy, separate frame and 
> body beasts). I am not a regular subscriber to this list but 
> am active on the triumphs list and joined yours to ask this 
> question (and hopefully receive some info).
> For those of you who have the 77-80 B roadsters (and maybe 
> some later GTs as well?), I believe the O/D switch is 
> incorporated into the shift knob. I am very interested in 
> this switching mechanism and would like to know how reliable 
> the "sliding" switch is in long term use.
> Are these "sliding" switches known to break down or are they 
> fairly robust and reliable over the long term (on a well 
> maintained car that is)? Any there other known problems with 
> this approach -- for example from running the wires in the 
> shifter shaft? Or the fact the shifter shaft has the "slit" 
> -- are the shifter shafts still strong enough?
> I am contemplating the fitting of this switching mechanism to 
> my TR6 and would like to get some feedback from those with 
> first hand experience prior to commencing the work. I know 
> all that needs to be done and have all the parts but before I 
> make the modification I'd like to poll the MG list for any 
> words of advice.
> Thanks in advance for any info and/or suggestions.
> --- Peter Zaborski ---
> - hoping I have not shot myself in the foot by admitting my 
> ownership of a Triumph :-)

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