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Re: Lucas raising his head

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Subject: Re: Lucas raising his head
From: "Paul Hunt" <>
Date: Fri, 20 Aug 1999 19:41:45 +0100
What did the ignition light do when you turned the key?  If it went out then
came back on when you released the key you have a bad connection in the
heavy current cable from the solenoid back to the battery or the battery
ground strap, or the battery has an intermittent internal fault.

If the light stayed on then your signal from the ignition switch was not
reaching the solenoid.  However on post 69 cars there is also a starter
relay.  If you heard neither the relay (if you have one) nor the solenoid
click then check the red/white from the ignition switch to the
relay/solenoid.  For the full story have a look on my web site, select
'Spanners', 'Electrics' and 'Won't start'.

(or if that URL doesn't work try   )

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Date: 18 August 1999 04:16
Subject: Lucas raising his head

>Have been having intermittent problem that when I turn key nothing happens.
>Turn key off and try again and it usually starts. Switch between seat and
>ignition has been disconnected for years.  Monday it wouldn't start at all.
>No noise not even a click. Checked battery and it is charged. Checked
>connection between starter and battery. It was a little loose but no
>improvement after tightening. Was going through test procedure to see if
>lights dimmed but when I turned lights on and turned key it cranked right
>Similar tonight in that nothing happened when I turned key. Turned on
>and then turned key. Fired right up. please help before this problem gets

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