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Historic races

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Subject: Historic races
From: "Durinx Willy" <>
Date: Mon, 23 Aug 1999 16:12:45 +0200
Dear listers,

our ears are still recovering from attending the 25th anniversary Historic
Races at Zolder (Belgium ) . Perfect weather, great atmosphere, nice wooded
My club went as a group, and was admitted for free, with reserved parking in
the paddock. A friend of mine drove the whole 160 km to the circuit and back
with his 1932 J2 . Wasn't easy: he had a to put in water constantly. The car
overheats easily in hot weather, since it has no water pump.
Unfortunately, I had to work that Sunday morning, so I arrived in the early
afternoon, and had to smooth-talk my way in.And it worked, for once.  The
sight of an MG brings the best out in people... Last year, I ran into
village fest, completely cordoned off for the bicycle race ( still a big
thing here in Flanders) , was let through, and the police even made way for
the car!

About 600 LBC's and a host of others ( Alfa's, Delahaye, Aston's ...) in the
parking lot, took me two hours to see them all.
LMB racing had turned out in force with Bugattis, Era's, Frazer-Nash etc.
from the thirties.
A good run - one of the drivers was John Surtees- with Grand Prix cars from
65-75, wonderful.

Willie Durinx
73 BGT
Antwerp, Belgium

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