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Re: rear gear......

To: Scott/Michelle <>,
Subject: Re: rear gear......
From: John Walker <>
Date: Mon, 23 Aug 1999 08:20:59 -0700
Is your E-brake sticking?


At 01:15 AM 8/23/99 -0400, Scott/Michelle wrote:
>Well here's a new one on me, maybe some of you could help.....
> I have had my B on the road for about a month, and today, after a short run
>to my favorite chinese restaurant my reverse gear wouldn't engage. Normally
>this would look like a clutch problem, but it goes into reverse......but
>just spins.....the car doesn't move an inch. After about three minutes of
>sitting there she decided to reverse for me, and as strong as ever. So we
>ate some lunch
>and I thought about this problem. When we left the restaurant, approx one
>hour...still reverse was fine, strong as ever. Next I ran SO to her office
>so she could pick up a few things, and decided to test the problem again,
>and sure enough, no reverse after a short drive of about twenty minutes or
>so, except this time in a totally flat parking lot, the reverse would
>produce some movement, but as if the e-brake was engaged, in other words it
>was EXTREMELY sluggish.
>Now I never noticed this problem in the past, as I am in forward gear until
>I park, do whatever, and come out to back the car out and drive to my next
>I have chatted with a fairly good mechanic buddy...and he is stumped, the
>tranny seems to be fine, the master cylinder is NEW, the slave is fine,
>there is nary a drop of either fluid leaking anywhere....HELP, what does
>this sound like to you folks??????
>75B, who won't back down......after a short drive anyway :)

        John Walker
~= Early 1974 MGB =~
       In Progress :)

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