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To: "Michael S. Lishego" <>
Subject: Re: BottaMiata
From: James Nazarian Jr <James.Nazarian@Colorado.EDU>
Date: Mon, 23 Aug 1999 19:19:59 -0600 (MDT)
I used to hate Miatas until the first time that I got a look at the old
ad poster with the painting of racing mg's in the background.  You may
remember it, it was one of the first ads for the cars back when they were
introduced.  Upon seeing them admit where they drew thier inspiration I
have ceased to have any animosity towards them.  Besides if MG were still
around in the states they would whoop the Miata's a@#!!!

James Nazarian
'71 B roadster
'74 BGT bastardization with big aluminum heart :)
'63 Buick 215 cubic inch 'heart'

On Mon, 23 Aug 1999, Michael S. Lishego wrote:

> Hello all,
>       If you can't guess by the title, I've been shopping for a second car. 
> I wanted something reminiscent of my lovely 'B, who is awaiting a full
> resto.  I looked at several cars before falling in love with a white '91
> Miata.
>       Ok, stop throwing stuff at me!  The Miata and the MGB share a lot in
> common.  both cars have similar interiors and drive very much alike. 
> They cruise at about the same RPM, just slightly below their peak
> torque.  Not only that, they share the same language - freedom and the
> open road.
>       I'm quite thrilled by the new car, and I am going to step out on a limb
> and say that the Miata is what the MGB would have been if it was still
> being produced.  Folks talk about new cars not having any soul.  That's
> not true for this car.  It's predictable, but in a fun way - it's as
> predictable as my 'B was when it was running at full steam.  And the
> soul is very impressive.      Trust me, I wouldn't have bought it if the
> car was a bland clone of everything else out there on the road.  There's
> something attractive about it's simple design - it almost smacks of an
> old Lotus from various angles.  
>       It's pretty unfair to compare the Miata and the MGB directly - one must
> realize that there are years of developments in between the production
> of the two cars.  I won't get rid of my MG just because I have a Miata;
> as a matter of fact, I feel that my stable is well-rounded now.  The
> Miata is a dependable, fun everyday car, and the MG is the spirited, raw
> piece of history.  
>       I saw my options like this:  I could spend my $8k on a Saturn or have
> fun with what i bought.  I'm enjoying the car immensely, and everytime I
> drive it I think about the 'B.  I hope no one takes offense to the
> Miata, as it's a way of enjoying the open road in a new decade.  Just
> remember, all roadters speak the same language.  I just hope you guys
> wave at me when we pass on a country road.  You'll recognize me; I'll
> have the same windburned, tossled hair, top-down smile I wore when
> driving my MGB.
>       humbly yours, mike lishego
> p.s. - At least three of the guys on the Miata mailing list e-mailed me
> with memories of MGB's owned in days gone by.
> -- 
> Mike Lishego
> Media Coordinator
> 1991 Mazda Miata
> 1986 Plymouth Turismo T1
> 1974 MGB

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