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MGB V-8 for sale

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Subject: MGB V-8 for sale
From: "Lawrie Alexander" <>
Date: Mon, 23 Aug 1999 18:52:15 -0700
One of my fellow club members has asked me to let people know about a V-8
engined B he has for sale. He bought it on a whim but now feels it's not
really what he wants. (He also just fell into a super deal on a very low
mileage, absolutely pristine B that he could not pass up, so his driveway is
getting a bit crowded!)

The car is a California '64 roadster (meaning no rust anywhere) which has
been fitted with a Ford 289 Cobra engine and C-6 transmission. It is red,
has racing-style bucket seats and 5-point harnesses, and is generally in
very good condition. It runs but the carb needs some work. The installation
is very clean and tidy and the car has the potential to be a very
well-balanced, fast MGB.

He's asking $4,750. The car is in Sacramento, California. If anyone has any
interest in it, please e-mail me privately and I'll put you in touch with
the seller.

British Sportscar Center

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