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RE: My new Yokohamas

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Subject: RE: My new Yokohamas
From: "Andrew Errington" <>
Date: Sun, 29 Aug 1999 15:15:59 -0700
> After some research (and after finding that they didn't make my
> preferred Dunlops for my rim size) I went for the Yokohama A509s in
> 185/60R14 configuration to replace the generic 175/70's on my standard
> wire rims

Hear hear!  I bought a set of the same last year when I was replacing the
wheels on my MGB.  I had to do new hubs and wheels all round as the old
splines were badly worn, and the tyres were in dubious condition.  It is
annoying that the closest size is the 60 profile, because they are a tiny
bit too small.  A 65 or 70 would have been preferable, but sadly, not
available for this tyre.

I was recommended the A509 by a friend who raced his Mi*ta, and said they
were most useful for general driving around and good performance on the
track.  I bought new Dayton chrome/stainless steel wheels from British Wire
Wheel, with the wider rims (5") and tubeless.

I, too, am happy with the tyre, but I heard they were being dropped in
preference for a new design.  I won't need new ones for a while yet, but I
shall be watching out for other recommendations then.


'69 MGB

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