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rear deck hinge replacment mgb

To: <>
Subject: rear deck hinge replacment mgb
From: "teds" <>
Date: Sun, 29 Aug 1999 18:50:46 -0700
is there any difference in rear deck hinges or trunk lids between early/late
model years ?

I took off both from my 77 mgb, and found a nicer older trunk lid, and
ordered new hinges from moss.

that was some time ago and I disposed of both original items so I can't
compare them.(something about "when are you going to get rid of/clean up the

I just tried to bolt the new items in, and I find that the front-most part
of the trunk lid is about 1/4 + higher than the body. ??? I can't put in
hinges in any different manner. there is a left and right hinge, and I tried
putting them on the wrong side but that didn't help and doesn't work in a
big way

moss doesn't mark the left/right hinge sides btw.

it's not the weather stripping because it isn't there yet.

the moss catalog seems to infer that all trunk lids and all hinge sets are
the same for all model years of the mgb.

the cat and I have stared at it for some time.

thanks Ted.

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