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Leaky Rear Axle on MGB

Subject: Leaky Rear Axle on MGB
From: Rocky Frisco <>
Date: Mon, 30 Aug 1999 19:11:54 -0500

Got a question: I have bad leaks at the front (input) seal on the rear
axle of the Victor TF (MGB axle) and also a bad leak at the left rear
wheel. It has been many decades since I had the MGA, which I suspect is
similar, so I don't remember the configuration.

Here's the question: what parts should I stock up on before tearing into
it and are any special tools required? The car is my only transportation
so I can't afford to have it laid up while waiting for parts. All
relevant bearings seem to be in good shape, so I suspect I will need a
seal for the input from the drive-shaft. Will I need anything else but
the seal and gasket for the left wheel? (Wire-wheel model, if it makes
any difference). It's leaking gear-lube from both locations.

I don't have a manual for the car, rarely ever need one except for
torque values, since if I can take something apart, I can usually fix it
and reassemble it.

Also, any bad surprises waiting for me back there? There's no noise or
any other negative symptom except the leaks.

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