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Re: OH NO [No LBC]

To: Larry Macy <>
Subject: Re: OH NO [No LBC]
From: "William M. Gilroy" <>
Date: Wed, 01 Sep 1999 01:10:41 -0400

Larry Macy wrote:
> We have another miss, Keep trying.
> BTW I use cats for my wheel chocks - can't quite get them to fit to clean
> the exhaust though.
> Larry
> Fluffy dice?? made from cats no doubt.

Only the perceptually challenged would try to use a cat to 
clean an exhaust pipe.  The required animal is a kitten.  They
can be used from 3 weeks to 14 weeks as exhaust pipe cleaner.
This range will vary from marquee to marquee.  For example
a Maine Coon Cat can only be used up to 5 weeks for a spridget.
A regular tabby is good till about 11 weeks.  For a complete
listing of kittens and exhaust pipe diameter check the NIST
handbook, page 1104.  Good luck.  

Bill Gilroy
77 Midget
90 Shar-Pei
19xx cats, plenty

PS.  If you can find somme kittens ferrets will do.

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