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62 Austin-Healey Body For Sale

To: spridgets <>, mgs <>,
Subject: 62 Austin-Healey Body For Sale
From: Jay Quinn <>
Date: Wed, 01 Dec 1999 22:20:25 -0600

I have a complete, intact, straight BMC white 1962 Austin-Healey Body
for sale, really clean inside and out with nice extras like a Moto-Lita
steering wheel, soft and hard top, etc...  Minimal rust in all the right

VIN# HAN6L2874  (Thats right, no zero in front of the 2)

Thats the body only for sale at this time, no engine, no tranny, no axel
gear, but does include the front and rear suspension and brakes.

I can send video caps/clips via email to only interested parties.

Looking for best offer.

Engines (rebuilt 1275 & original 948HC), trannys (1275 ribcase &
original 948 smothcase), rear gear axels (3.7, 3.9 & 4.22), with lots of
extras, etc...  will be for sale after body goes.  Once the body goes,
I'll be advertising for best offer for these goodies.


Jay Quinn

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