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Re: Kerosene

To: "William M. Gilroy" <>,
Subject: Re: Kerosene
From: (Paul Nelson)
Date: Thu, 2 Dec 1999 14:40:00 -0800
At 17:04 12/2/99 -0500, William M. Gilroy wrote:
>Jon Lind wrote:
>> << What do I use to flush the system
>>  before rebuilding calipers and going back to dot 4. >>
>> Kerosene, right?
>I thought that people flushed the brake lines with de-natured (sp?)
>alcohol, and then blew them dry with compress air.  Opinions?
>Bill Gilroy

You CERTAINLY wouldn't use a petroleum product like kerosene, in any case.
I would think that methanol would be preferable to denatured ethanol,

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