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Importing an MGB to Italy

Subject: Importing an MGB to Italy
From: "Simon Matthews" <>
Date: Fri, 03 Dec 1999 09:46:09 PST

In theory, under EU law, this should be easy. However, having lived in 
Italy, I know that theory and practice are very different when it comes to 
application of EU law in Italy.

If you have someone who can help you, or some way to do this, you might find 
it easier to register the car in another EU country then move it to Italy.

When I lived there, I was considering selling my MGB to an Italian, but he 
would not touch it without the 'e' markings on the glass. Since then, the EU 
has adopted rules which allow equivalent specifications to be accepted in 
place of 'E' specs for personal imports.

Cars also have to undergo an inspection -- I know someone who's car passed 
inspection with the headlamps dipping the wrong way (it was a RHD car from 
Britain). Also, a 'bustino' can help the inspection process, or so I have 

You really need local knowledge. The MG Owner's club in the UK has some 
members in Italy - they might be the best people to help.

Last comment -- can you not run the car on US plates while there? Don't 
import it.


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