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Re: Catalogs: Was Moss/Roadster Factory

Subject: Re: Catalogs: Was Moss/Roadster Factory
Date: Fri, 3 Dec 1999 16:39:14 EST

I have bought quite a few parts from The Proper MG...they have great kits: 
front disk brake kit, rear drum brake kit, weather seal kit, etc.

They have some good prices, especially in their seasonal sale specials or on 
their web specials; however, I wouldn't order from them if I were in a hurry. 
 I being on the West coast, and they being in Massachusetts, it takes a GOOD 
three weeks to receive shipment (the shipping date/credit card transaction 
date is sometimes a week after I phoned in my order) unless you pay an 
arm-and-a-leg for "air" or "priority" shipping.  Even the standard shipping 
prices are sometimes exorbitant due to being based on price (a $100 part 
costs $16.50 in ground service shipping, regardless if it's a four-ounce 
light switch or a fifty pound body panel).  Moss, I believe, charges actual 
shipping charges plus a base handling fee.

All-in-all, Tony, I would say compare all your options and go from there.  I 
haven't had any trouble with their quality or service, so I would patronize 
them again.

Again, your mileage may vary (perhaps in direct proportion to the distance 
from Georgetown, MA).

Good luck,
Steve Sanchez

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