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MGing plans for 2000

Subject: MGing plans for 2000
Date: Fri, 3 Dec 1999 16:56:14 -0500 (EST)

All you folks not on the East Coast may want to delete now.

I'm happy to tell you that the events web page I update for East Coast North 
American British 
Car Events is going into it's 4th year. Several events already listed for the 
next Century but 
can always fit more. Site is at .

This coming week's update will include 2 May 2000 events:

1: British Motor Classics at Atsion

Saturday May 13th

Atsion Lake Park

Atsion, NJ

Popular Vote Car Show Limited to 150 Cars

Dash Plaques to All Pre-regged


Parts Swap Meet

admission free to spectators


Ed Gaubert and the British Motor Club of Southern New Jersey always do a great 
job with there 
events so if it fits in your schedule this is a good one to plan for.

2: Carlisle Import/Replicar Nationals

May 19th - 21st

Carlisle Fairgrounds

Carlisle, PA  

I just made my hotel reservations for the Carlisle Weekend at the Clarion 
Hotel. The year 2000 
schedules are just starting to be sent out. As soon as they start getting 
around the hotels tend 
to fill up quickly. I most say that if this coming year's Carlisle Import has 
an increase is the 
"Power Jam Compacts" attendance, it will be my last year attending. 

I got a new project under way that I'm looking forward to cruising around with 
come early 
spring. Nothing special, just an 80 B. Will be at MG 2000 "Cleveland Rocks / 
MGs Roll" in June. 
But hope to have ready for a few "get the bugs out" show runs before then.

Safety Fast,
David Deutsch   

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