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Intermittant Ignition Light

Subject: Intermittant Ignition Light
From: Eric <>
Date: Sun, 05 Dec 1999 13:05:22 +0000
Driving home last night (headlights on) I was faced with a bright
ignition/alternator warning light.  As my alternator was rebuilt just
last March and my 'control box' was replaced in June.. and as I have
already found a few bullet connectors falling to pieces recently after
racing my car for the past three months... I have a feeling that this
may be an intermittant wiring or connector problem.

The light seems to be intermittantly on with the headlights off today
after some bumps and aggressive acceleration and hard stopping.

Where is the best place to start pulling connections apart to
clean/test?  What path should I take?

Yes, I know I should do ALL of them sometime, but for the moment I just
want to find this problem as quickly as possible (and then forget about
the connectors until they cause me a hassle on some dark and lonely road
late one night :-)


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