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Re: Seats

To: "Mark Campbell" <>
Subject: Re: Seats
From: Jim Boyd <>
Date: Mon, 06 Dec 1999 19:12:44 -0800
Hey Listers:

I just picked up a TR7 coupe that I'm going to part out.  Good Rover 5
speed, some nice rims, air horns and good seats.

Has anyone ever tried to put TR7 seats in a Spitfire?  They look a tad
oversize, but are in really nice shape, much better than what I currently
have in my '78 Spit.

BTW, I have installed Miata seats in my '67 GT and they were almost a
direct bolt-in!  The radio speakers in the headrest would be totally
awesome in a roadster!  The seats are very supportive & comfortable!

Jim Boyd
International Sportscar Components
Paradise, CA  USA                                       seeking TR7 owners
needing parts!
At 08:36 PM 12/6/99 -0500, you wrote:
>Dave West has a set in "The Beast" and has posted the brackets he fab-ed.
>I'm going to see how the seats fit first before going that direction.  It
>looks like the seat mounts can be flattened out (they are angled).  After
>flattening the mounts, maybe I'll use a 1" wide piece of stock to span the
>floor and mount through that.
>If they fit even halfway well, I'll let the list know.
>BTW, check out Dave's page at
>and the Miata seat stuff is at
>> Do Miata Seats fit a Spit??  I have been babysitting a friends Miata while
>> he is in the Desert and the few times I have driven it I really liked the
>> way the seats feel.
>> Nick
>> N.A. Campiglia III
>> Abilene, TX
>> '67 Spitfire MKIII
>> '74 Spitfire 1500
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>> From: Mark Campbell <>
>> To: Spitfire list <>
>> Sent: Monday, December 06, 1999 5:49 PM
>> Subject: Seats
 > Score!  I found a set of leather Miata seats at a local salvage(junk)
>> yard. Pretty good condition, a couple of scuffs, and they need to be
>> It  looks like it'll be a pretty easy fit, I'll find out this weekend.
Best of
>> > all, leather seats for $190 a set plus they have the headrest speakers.
>> > Mark Campbell 

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