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Design elements that say "MG"

Subject: Design elements that say "MG"
Date: Tue, 7 Dec 1999 12:16:54 EST
My characteristics of an MG:
    The little "nose" behind the badge.  First seen on the FARINA MAGNETTE 
but subsequently on the MGB MGR-V8 and MGF.  That \_/ shape is just an MG 
detail you can't live without.
    The sorta "beehive" taillamps.  Again first seen on the FARINA MAGNETTE 
and also then on the Midget and MGB until they were squared up in the early 
70's or late 60's, and then re-invented for the MGR-V8, the idea of fender 
haunches with wide at bottom narrow at top rounded taillamps, in thier 
ultimate interation on the MGR-V8, I think is PURE MG, and the MGF DROPPED 
THE BALL on that one.
    I know the MGB and Midget had very simple side profiles, but the swooping 
fender line and then the BUMP over the rear wheel of the MGA is a great look. 
 Mayeb we give a midget model the Midget clean line profile, and we give MGA 
look to our MGB class car?  We can't give it the MGB, Ford already gave that 
to thier new Thunderbird!
    Chrome trim on sides -OR- a bump in its place.  The MGR-V8 had a crease 
where the chrome strip used to be.  Very attractive.  The Rover 75 shows that 
crhome trim along doors still looks very handsome!  I love that car.
    Any other MG design characteristics?
      Are octagonal dials truly an MG feature?  Maybe crhome trimmed dials, 
or hey, even the word "Smiths" on it.  Thats a great trademark to license and 
put on the gauge, no matter who made it.  

John Elwood
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