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Y2K trip

Subject: Y2K trip
From: "M. Edwin Vaughan" <>
Date: Tue, 7 Dec 1999 19:15:28 -0600
Hello Listers,

In celebration of the Y2K compliance of my MG (and because I just plain
want to see my girlfriend) I am taking a trip to Orlando from Auburn, AL
on December 30th. A total of about 500 miles. However, I am not sure if I
will make it there trouble free. I was wondering if there are any listers
in Dothan, AL; Tallahassee; Ocala, Orlando, or surrounding areas that
would be willing to help me out if I end up stranded by the roadside.
BTW, I will be using US 231 out of Alabama, then Florida hwy 20 and then
US hwys 27 and 441 down to Orlando. 

Thanks in advance,

'77 B

"I try to think but nuthin' happens."
-- Curly Howard (the stooge)

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