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RE: digest #1842 Wed Dec 8 02:05:00 MST 1999

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Subject: RE: digest #1842 Wed Dec 8 02:05:00 MST 1999
From: "Jon Lind" <>
Date: Wed, 8 Dec 1999 11:46:39 -0700
As far as I am concerned, they can keep the turbos, V6s, power windows,
power seats, power tops, power mirrors, trunk mounted CD changers, etc.
for the poseurs and BMW/Lexus boulevardiers.

The MGF is (in many ways) like this, no?  But I agree--make a simple
sportscar that's affordable.  I like the MGF, even though they have
committed the horrendous "crime" of not making it look like a B, the lines
are still slightly MG reminiscent, it's still rear wheel drive, it's still
got good performance.

But how much do they cost?  Why don't they import them to the US?

Just make a straightforward
rear wheel drive roadster with some kind of recognizable MG genes, and
sell it for within 15% of a Miata either way. Then, if they want to, they
can go crazy with station wagons, retromobiles, etc.

Yeah, there's nothing in the MX-5's market segment.  The Beemer is cool, but
way too expensive.  Make it fun and relatively cheap, and throw in the Union
Jack, and I'm there!  (Except, I already own an MG, so why would I need

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