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Missing expansion tank tube

Subject: Missing expansion tank tube
From: Derek Vandivere <>
Date: 10 Dec 99 13:36:36 MET
So, after getting Elliott back from the garage, I decided to take him out on
the Autobahn and stretch out his new engine. All went well, until the next

Within five minutes of starting the engine, the temperature gauge was
red-lined. Pulled back to the client's garage, and found only about a
centimeter of coolant in the expansion tank with the engine cold (according to
the owner's manual, it should be half full). A small hose (maybe half a
centimeter diameter) leading from the expansion tank (there's two large ones
that seem fine and go to the radiator itself) seems to have become
disconnected - and my Haynes doesn't say anything about MG's with expansion
tanks! I'm assuming that all the coolant leaked out of this hose, and that
it's meant to lead somewhere. Anyone know where it's supposed to go? Or am I
missing something else obvious? It's an American-spec '78 B.

Please respond to as well as the list (I'm on digest mode, and
it'd be nice to be able to drive home...).

'78 MGB

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