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Axle Oddities

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Subject: Axle Oddities
From: "David Hill" <>
Date: Fri, 10 Dec 1999 22:37:55 -0000
Hello, All.

Spent the afternoon in axle change mode and I've found some curiosities.
For example, the set screws holding the backplate to the axle (Salisbury)
were always 5/16" UNF in my experience. Of the nine short bolts, four are
12mm head size-not 7/16" or any other UNF size. Funnily enough, they haven't
corroded or anything, they are just mixed sizes.
Also, my tube shock conversion has *really* weird bolts, where the lever
dampers used to be. The head size is....not really 15mm, although that size
fits on the bench. 5/8" AF turns, as does 15mm so I had to resort to an
adjustable, which has so far shifted two of the bolts which, incidentally,
have 11/16" nuts. One clue is that the nuts which actually hold the shocks
are apparently BSW-very strange.
Plus, the two 7/16" AF bolts which hold the middle exhaust hanger on, by the
battery box, looked like candidates for drilling out. Crusty, flaky and
'orrible, but they came out with no bother.
Lastly, the old axle had been leaking a little from the diff nose seal but
not badly. However, when I tipped the unit forward to assault the spring
bolts, it peed out all its oil on my floor.
Is all this a sudden atack of the twighlight zone?

Looking forward to getting the job finished.


David Hill/Psychomotor
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