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Engine is back

Subject: Engine is back
Date: Fri, 10 Dec 1999 22:20:19 -0600
Hi Listers,

Well I had sent my engine out for overhaul from my 79 MGB a few weeks
ago, and got it back last week.  Once I get all the bits under the hood
repainted, I will get it back in.

The engine shop had a couple of minor problems on the disassembly and
broke or messed up 2 items that I am looking to replace.

This first is the distributor housing (Moss# 460-300, page 8, #51) and
the other is an air injection tube (Moss# 360-700, page 6, #31).

If anyone has these parts that would be interested in selling them please
email me at

Also, I want to replace all the hoses in the engine compartment.  Can I
replace these hoses with generic ones from the auto parts store or would
it be better to get the preformed ones from the Moss catalog?  


Steve Piepenbrink
79 MGB  currently engineless
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