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Hesitation on Acceleration - Thank You

To: David McNaughton <>
Subject: Hesitation on Acceleration - Thank You
From: David McNaughton <>
Date: Sat, 11 Dec 1999 09:44:07 +0000
Thanks to everyone for the advice - this list has to be the best!

>Go for a drive and get the car up to the temp where it starts acting
>strangely.  Got on for a little while then shut off the engine and coast
>to the side of the road in a safe spot.   Pull each plug and look
>at the colour of the electrodes.
>white:  too lean. mixture? fuel starvation? air leaks?
>tan:    perfect
>black:  too rich. mixture?
>I can't remember, does the HIF carb have a lift pin?  You can quickly tell
>if the carbs are set properly by raising the piston by 1/8", the rpm should
>go up slightly and then drop back to normal.
>Also, pull the fuel line and put it in a bottle and turn the ignition on
>(obviously, dont try starting the car).  The fuel pump should pump about
>a half litre of gas in 1 minute
>There's lots of easy things to check.......
>Not that tuning the carbs is difficult, and should probably be done 
>anyway!  Might want to check/set the valve to rocker gap and the timing
>while you're at it, too.
>If you can't seem to get the carbs set right, you might have an air
>leak.  Check the throttle shafts for slop, and try spraying carb cleaner
>around the manifold and carbs while the car is running & hot and listen
>for rpm drops to indicate the location of the leak.
>Word on the street is that David McNaughton said:
>> Again a cry for advice from the MG community!
>> My 1973 MGBGT (1800) has recently been very hesitant on acceleration
>> from tickover and needs to be "coaxed" with the accelerator.  It runs
>> just fine when cold and with the choke pulled out!  I also notice that
>> this evening the tickover has dropped way low and the car stalls.
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