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Re: Brake Boosters

To: Peter Edmands <>
Subject: Re: Brake Boosters
From: Robert Alan Reisse <>
Date: Tue, 14 Dec 1999 16:10:30 -0500
I just finished getting my C operational.  My mechanic installed the
replacements from VB as they were cheaper then the overhaul kits for the
original boosters.  He had to do a bit of configuring as they are not bolt
in replacements for the original designs.  They work.  The car stops.  I
still have some problems with the back brakes, but I do not know what the
problem is; I only know the symptom - the hand brake does not work.

The replacements look about right, but you will not win any contests with
them as they are enough different to be noticeable, and the brake lines
need to be rerouted a bit. So be careful if you do the replacements.  I can
send you pictures of my installation if you decide to go the replacement

Bob Reisse
76 MGB
NAMGBR 8-3559
69 MGC-GT 
AMGCR 1325

At 02:54 PM 12/14/99 -0500, Peter Edmands wrote:
>As a new owner of a 69 MGCGT in reasonably decent condition, my first
>object is to keep it that way.  However, the lack of brake boosters (two
>required, none installed) makes driving a bit risky.  Two boosters
>requiring rebuild came with the car. Should I obtain a rebuild with
>possibility of future failure, obtain the substitute servo suggested by
>VicBrit, or is there an alternate installation of pieces that would do
>the job?
>I would like to hear suggestions from listers that have encountered this
>74 MGB
>74 TR-6

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