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Re: electrical problem

Subject: Re: electrical problem
Date: Sun, 19 Dec 1999 02:40:17 EST
Begging your pardon, but no, it is Not the right manual. If you have a 68 or 
later (easily proven... plastic dash instead of metal, plus alternator) your 
car is most decidedly NEGATIVE ground.    *Everything* built with an 
alternator is negative ground.  Although everyone has their preferances, what 
I have found is that the Haynes gives more complete and better instructions 
and pictures,  but the Bentley tends to be more accurate, especially on such 
things such as the mysteries of wiring diagrams and having the correct serial 
numbers denoting feature changes on the cars.
It appears that we get a new acronymn on the list... instead of DPO you are 
dealing with a DHM   :-)

 >O.K., who switched my manual on me? Went out to try and fix some of
 >the electrical stuff on the 'B, and almost everything I look at in the
 >wiring diagram in my manual is different. My car is a negative ground
 >(earth) car, and all the haynes diagrams are pos. ground. Is this
 >another case of the dreaded DPO syndrome? Does someone know where I
 >can find the correct diagram? Your help is appreciated.
 >Rory Sinclair       <:-P
 >'68 MGB
 >P.S. Yes, it is the right manual. >>

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