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Stupid question?

Subject: Stupid question?
From: Michael Walter <>
Date: Mon, 20 Dec 1999 07:13:50 -0600
Last August I acquired a '79 Midget. Seems like I spent most of the rest of
the summer waiting for a M/C. Didn't get a lot of driving in. However, the
car ran without incident. My confidence level is very high. 

Now my question. Actually 2 questions.

1. When I open the petcock to allow water into the heater core, I get a
couple small puddles under the heater core. I think I rmemeber reading
somewhere that MGs are notorious for this. Is that true (the claim, not my
seeing it)?

2. I want to take it to the Twin Cities next year. That's about a 2 hr
drive from here. What should a guy pack, in terms of an emergency repair
kit, when setting out on the road? Hopefully by then I will have my list of
road helpers from NAMGBR, or somewhere else. I placed my name on the list.

I hope to get some fun miles in next year, if my wife lets ME get behind
the wheel.

Michael Walter - Winona, MN

"There is a price to be paid for owning a piece of automotive history"
old truck (his) - new Honda (hers) - '81 Harley (his)
'79Midget (to be decided)

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