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RE: grounding 71mgb

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Subject: RE: grounding 71mgb
From: Hans Duinhoven <>
Date: Tue, 21 Dec 1999 08:43:37 +0100
Note fully trough: Sweden used to have the padded dash as well all the way
and last sunday I saw a beautifully restored BGT ('72 or '73) which had a
USA dash from new on the European continent. I also have seen some years ago
a terible coloured '71 BGT at Leiden city 10 miles from where I live for
sale at it's original garage having a USA spec dash too.



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> << 
>  > Remember that when it comes to electrics, there are two very distinctly
>  > different cars.. Metal dash (generator, positive ground) and plastic
>  > dash.(alternator, negative ground, different instrument sizes)
>  Only in North America.  The Rest of the World used metal dash for the
> life
>  of the car.
>  <<<  Forgive my regional bias, I have the bad habit of assuming the list
> is 
> populated only by us colonials.(though I did mention the
> alternator/generator 
> difference as well..)  But anyway, There is no "Rest of the World." In
> fact, 
> where I live it is only a rumor that there is any life at all east of 
> Denver...   :-)
>  > To answer the question, on the steel dash car the small lugs on the
>  harness
>  > ground to Each Instrument. Every one of your gauges is mounted to the
> dash
>  > via 2 metal clips that slide  down threaded studs protruding from the
> rear
>  of
>  > the instrument and are fastened by knurled nuts and washers. Grounding
>  takes
>  > place via slipping a ground lug under the the knurled nut and washer
>  before
>  > installing, one per instrument. (use which ever side of the instrument
>  that
>  > works best for the wiring harness) This causes the instrument and
> harness
>  > both to ground to the dash at that point.
>  The harness is grounded elsewhere and that is how the instruments (and
> the
>  wipers etc) are grounded.  Any grounding via the dash is purely
>  coincidental. >>
> <<< Right you are. To a certain point. Bear in mind, for example, that a 
> typical radio installation uses the dash for ground for the radio and the 
> fender for ground for the antenna. If your ground strap is missing across
> the 
> engine mounts, the dashboard becomes a quite high current ground for the 
> starter via the choke cable, and a very effective one indeed... for as
> long 
> as the choke cable lasts!
>  The ground wires in the B (and other lbcs) harness are not exactly high 
> current devices, nor do they have reliable connection structures. .
> Further, 
> considering the normal current  (pun intended) state of most wiring 
> harnesses, and the inevitable future state of the rest of them, grounds
> are 
> ground where ever they are found! (ah, poetic besides!) Best take whatever
> circumstances give you.
> (I apologize for Conducting myself in such a Resistive manner towards the 
> Current discussion. Yes, my flame suit is on...)
> BTW don't use the "stock" location for the harness ground in the trunk,
> which 
> is the trunk latch screw. Many a malfuction in this region has been traced
> to 
> this little gem of a brainless idea. Best drill your own hole for a ground
> bolt, or find something else in the neighborhood that has more substance
> and 
> less tendancy to work loose!

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