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Bye Bye Wires

Subject: Bye Bye Wires
Date: Wed, 22 Dec 1999 10:18:12 +1000


Instead of converting to rostiles or Datsun Wheels and tossing away you wires,
why not get a set of knock on mags (minilite Reps or such), that way you can
convert back to wires at a latter date if you wish to.

Best of both worlds...

Just my 0.02c

Topless in Melbourne, Australia

Date: Wed, 22 Dec 1999 02:03:30 +0000
From: Eric <>
Subject: Bye Bye Wires

OK, guys (used in a generic, non-sexist mannar)... get ready to get all
of your I-told-you-so mail out of the way.

I have finally decided to give up on wire wheels on my sprint car.

Great fastest times maybe but I have also got some more loose spokes
(not broken as far as I can tell) on my 'new' wires and the return of
the dreaded clonk (rear right).  I have finally decided that the good
looks of the wires are not worth the worry and trouble.

I suppose that I will be able to sell my two sets of spoked wheels
(broken spokes and bad paint on one set, loose spokes but great
powdercoat on the other), hubs etc., to swap over to bolt-ons.  With a
bit of work, the wires will be fine for cruising just not for racing.

There, I have said it and it will be done before the next race season
starts here in March.  I think you have to start getting serious at some
stage and I apologise for all of those who maintain the defence of
racing wires.  Maybe they are just not going to be the thing for me.


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