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Re: Why Unibody

Subject: Re: Why Unibody
Date: Thu, 23 Dec 1999 01:25:39 EST
In a message dated 12/22/1999 8:35:43 AM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

> Morgans are famed for using the light weight chassis as a flexible 
>  member of the suspension, and Daimler Darts were famous early on for 
>  the doors flying open as the chassis flexed. 

Hey, on a Mog the suspension is so stiff the chassis has to flex!

>  Early attempts to use 
>  unit bodies on mass produced 4x4s (American Motors?) were criticized 
>  because some weren't rigid enough, and would bend and deform over 
>  rough terrain, doing things like preventing doors from opening. 

I don't think that AMC made 4X4 back when unit bodies came out.  They were 
more famous for very boring sedans.
Here is one piece of triva that you can win bar bets with though.
Q. What vehicle won the very first Baja 1000?
Who was the driver?

Anyone, anyone?  Bueller?
Answer to follow......

Rick Ewald

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