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WTB:In-dash clock for 79' MGB

Subject: WTB:In-dash clock for 79' MGB
Date: Thu, 23 Dec 1999 08:53:43 EST
I am looking for the original equipment dashboard clock that came on late 
model MGB's. The previous owner of my "B" installed a battery charging gauge 
where the clock originally went. It was the same exact size so no 
modification was made to the dash. I would like to replace this with an 
original clock. If you have one (or would like to swap) let me know. Its a 
Stewart Warner gauge and perfectly matches the other dash instrumentation. I 
thought the gauge was original equipment until I spotted a very small "SW" 
logo at the bottom of the faceplate. Thanks...........

                                  Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays !!

                             Bill Dillstrom in 

62 Mk II MGA Roadster
79 MGB Roadster

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