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Updates on carb conversion and Happy Seasons

Subject: Updates on carb conversion and Happy Seasons
From: Bill Saidel <>
Date: Fri, 24 Dec 1999 12:10:21 -0500
Hi all,
        To all the listers who have offered opinions and real help. Thanks and
happy holidays.  To all the listers who have read my dribbles: happy
holidays..I don't know what to say to those listers who deleted before
reading...they'll never know.

        Once upon a time I decided to switch the Z-S to 2 HIF's on my '76 by
detoxing first...
Totally screwed up the detox of Twist (still don't know how) so I jumped
into the carb conversion, still not knowing anything. (How to become a
motorhead at 50???)

Anyway, here is where I am and I do have a question (way below).

1. Manifold exchange went quite well. I even saved the old muffler and
mated it with a new headpipe.
2. Spent muchos time obtaining the proper linkages but even that eventually
3. Mounted SU's but lo and behold, I couldn't figure out how to attach the
throttle cable. Each time I pushed the pedal it sank and returnith not.
(Physics is not my special knowledge; biology is.)
        So, I called my local lister pro, Carl Elliot, and went to see his dual
carb setup. (A 45 minute drive which is nice early on a Saturday morning.)
Immediately it was obvious...I had the throttle linkage backwards.  Then I
discovered I lacked the connecting hardware between the linkage and the
cable, so I looked closely at his.
        I realized I could make it out of a 1/4-20 bolt so I did. Cut it to 
lathed down one end and put appropriate holes at both ends. Connected the
cable and lo and behold, each time I pushed the pedal it sank and returnith
        Perplexion set in. I went under the hood and had my son step on the 
Problem was immediately obvious but I never heard of it before. The central
end of the cable housing was being pushed into the hole that was supposed
to act as a stop. This was due to a change in throttle cables from the '76
model to the SU model. The max dimension of the outer cable housing had a
smaller diameter than the hole.  So back to my  trusty microlathe and made
myself a little piece that looks like a T, spun around its long axis,
drilled a small hole down the long axis, stuck it in the hole for the
cable, reinserted the cable and voila!  a throttle regained. 

        Such pleasure.

Now I need to attach the manual choke which was non-existant in the '76.  I
am not a purist and I have fat hands (which makes threading them behind the
dash nearly impossible and painful). So I don't intend to use the dash spot
for the choke. I intend to mount it on a bracket below the left side of the

QUESTION: There is no obvious thru hole in the fire wall. Should I just
drill one?

Oh oh...a dark stain is spreading from the left rear wheel and my brake
fluid reserve tank is very low.  
Just as one problem is solved, another starts. Off to the archives to see
about brake cylinder replacements. Ugh.

And a merry Xmas, Chunukah, millenium(2000 believers), premillenium(2001
believers), New Years and just a well deserved vacation to you all. 

Bill S (but a different S)

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